Consignment Sales

Want to sell your boat? Let us do what we do best.... sell boats! 

  • We can help facilitate financing for the buyer.
  • We have a national account with
  • We have a large advertising campaign for used boats
  • We have many existing customers looking for good used boats
  • We handle all the paperwork, water demo's
  • We handle all the buyer's questions.

Here are some details, but please fill out the form at the bottom so we can get you more information and help you evaluate your boat.

Consignment Info:

Marietta Marine and the owner agree to one of the following sales terms and will abide by it throughout the remainder of the selling process, Net Sale or Gross Sale.

Gross Listing: The owner of the boat will pay to Marietta Marine 10% of the sale of the vessel or $500.00, whichever is greater at the time of sale.

Net Listing: Seller chooses a flat rate that they want for their boat and Marietta Marine will sell the vessel for a dollar amount of their choosing, upon the sale of the vessel Marietta Marine will issue a check to the owner for the net listing amount they decided on at the beginning of the sale process.

The Seller agrees to pay one of the following listing fees:
Marietta Marine will do a complete inspection of the boat. Any needed repairs will be disclosed to any potential buyers. The owner of the boat may elect to repair what is suggested, adjust price the price to what is recommended with electing to allow a buyer to get the repairs done or to take the boat off the market. Marietta Marine reserves the right to not sell a boat and to void this consignment agreement if repairs are necessary and the owner does not choose to make necessary repairs or adjust the price accordingly. If for whatever reason this consignment agreement is voided, the listing fee is nonrefundable for any reason.

  • Single Engine Non-Cruiser Vessel (Runabout, pontoon, deck boat, center console, cuddy with no galley, etc) $199.00
  • Single Engine Cruiser or Twin Engine Bow Rider $299.00
  • Twin Engine Cruiser $399.00

The owner agrees to allow Marietta Marine and its agents to have exclusive rights to the sale of the vessel.

The owner of the above-mentioned vessel agrees to allow Marietta Marine and its agents to have exclusive rights to the sale of the vessel.

Marietta Marine is not responsible for the cleanliness of your boat. Marietta Marine takes no responsibility in cleaning or repairing your boat while on consignment with Marietta Marine unless such services are requested by the owner and paid for accordingly.

Marietta Marine is not responsible for any items left in your boat. Marietta Marine secures the trailers of your boat, however, Marietta Marine does not put the boat behind a locked gate and people are able to access the boat during non-business hours. Marietta Marine recommends that you take any items out of your boat before listing with Marietta Marine. If there are items of value that are meant to go with the sale of the boat, you may bring those items into the front office and Marietta Marine will tag them and make sure that they go to the buyer.

All items left in a boat while the boat is listed for sale are assumed to be part of the purchase by most potential buyers. Therefore, Marietta Marine requires the owner of the boat to ONLY leave items in the boat that they wish to sell with the boat. Any items left in the boat at the time of sale will then become the property of Marietta Marine or the buyer of the vessel.

Marietta Marine is not responsible for the storage of your vessel during the time the vessel is listed for sale. Marietta Marine, on some occasions, may elect to keep your boat with their other used boats, if there is room. If Marietta Marine is able to do this, it will be for no term longer than 90 days and there will not be an additional cost for this. Marietta Marine will not always be able to keep your vessel in their non-fee storage facility, so Marietta marine highly recommends that you NOT cancel your current storage agreement.

Marietta Marine is granted permission by the owner of the vessel to take potential customers on demo rides. The owner agrees to bring the boat to Marietta Marine on consignment with no less than a full tank of fuel. Marietta Marine is not responsible for the fuel that is used during the demo rides. If the owner does not provide at least a full tank of fuel, they grant Marietta Marine the right to add fuel to the vessel at an on the water gas pump. The owner then agrees to reimburse Marietta Marine for the fuel at the time of sale or the time of voiding the Consignment agreement. This reimbursement of fuel will be in addition to the consignment fees as agreed to above.

If there is a lien on the boat, Marietta Marine will first pay to the bank proceeds from the sell and then pay the seller the remaining amount. If the boat sells for less than the seller owes, Marietta Marine will collect the money directly or the seller will pay it to the bank within 3 days.

The Seller will continue to make the monthly payments on their boat until such day that their lien is paid in full by either Marietta Marine or the Seller.